Unusual Charges on Insurance Deviates Industry Capacities

Dr. Hemmati, President of Bimeh Markazi of I.R. Iran (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority) referring to the above point stated that "The public trust index for the Iran's insurance industry is close to the global average and is in a decent condition." According to a report by PRIOA. (Countinue ....)

Decent Market Mechanism Leads to Competitive Pricing in Insurance Industry

"The flow of information in the insurance industry will be transparent if professional and structural competition is established in the insurance market." stated the Conference Director. In the inauguration ceremony of 23rd NICOID, Dr. Safari stated "If the market mechanism functions properly, pricing of the insurance products will be competitive and as a result, all the active players will enjoy being in such an environment." "At the present situation and with regard to the post-sanction era (Countinue ....)

Direct Foreign Investment in Life and Non-life Insurance in Iran Is Growing

Referring to the foreign companies surge into NICOID event, Alaxander Ankel, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of ERGO International AG, stated that this indicates that insurance industry in Iran is developing. (Countinue ....)

Employing ILS in Iran Deem Essential

Prof. Dr. Henri Loubergé, professor at the University of Geneva and the Chairman of the Economics Section in the School of Economic and Social Sciences (SES) participated 23rd NICOID as a keynote speaker, stated that serious planning for the operationalization of ILS in Iran is an essential fact. (Countinue ....)

"The Market at the Heart of 23rd NICOID"

This is what Dr. Safari mentioned in a press conference on November 27 at Insurance Research Center (IRC). Referring to the upcoming NICOID event on December 3, Insurance Day in Iran, Dr. Safari, Conference Director and Head of IRC, stated: "The main theme of this year's NICOID is "Market Functions and Mechanisms in Insurance" that was chosen and approved at the end of the last year's NICOID." (Countinue ....)